About Teledigm Health

The Better, Faster, Affordable Way

Teledigm Health is the future of healthcare. We are a Joint Commission-accredited provider of emergency telemedicine consultations dedicated to solving the national specialty physician shortage. Our teleneurology, telepsychiatry and teleintensivist services provide innovative, cost-effective answers for hospitals nationwide seeking immediate 24/7/365 access to experienced, board certified specialists.

We make "medicine" the primary focus of "telemedicine," offering exceptional on-call emergency teleconsultations at a dramatically lower cost than all other options.

In partnership with your hospital and affiliated physicians, our world-class specialists provide emergency consultations on demand-at your patients' most critical times of need-through state of the art, secure technology.

Teledigm Health provides:

  • 24/7/365 specialty on-call coverage
  • Veteran, board certified, fellowship trained specialists
  • Consistent, best-in-class care quality
  • Adherence to best practices and protocols
  • Evidence-based practice guidelines
  • Secure, simple, reliable videoconferencing equipment
  • HIPAA and HITECH compliant data as well as image management

Our physicians. Your team. The result? Improved access to clinical services that deliver both competitive advantages and top quality patient care.

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