Our Partners

Bryan Telemedicine


Bryan Telemedicine delivers the region's most trusted medical partners to offer specialty consultations, providing access to needed physician coverage and expanded service offerings.

Bryan Telemedicine partners with experienced, board certified physicians offering specialization in specific service areas such as:

  • Family practice physicians with extensive experience in rural emergency medicine, and expertise in rural ER health care
  • Hospitalist physicians with extensive experience in acute, inpatient medical care
  • Trauma physicians with the consultative expertise to assist rural ER personnel in patient stabilization for transport
  • Mental health triage services with access to the regional leader in mental health care
  • Personable, patient-focused physicians allowing the best possible communication, trust and care

Bryan Telemedicine solutions provide:

  • Evidence-based, best practice medical consultations and care
  • Support for your medical and hospital staff
  • Flexibility in coverage hours - night, day, weekend, peak hours; available 24/7/365 based on service needs
  • Secure, easy-to-use and reliable video/audio telemedicine equipment
  • Cost effective solutions for physician coverage and service expansion opportunities
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